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Are You Glowing?

As my good friend Tabitha Rayne always says, It’s MASTERBATION MONDAY. Sounds like the only good thing about Mondays, right?

Let me tell you where I’m going with this…

So I’ve started writing again, and in the past, I’ve done many crazy things to get into the *cough* method of my writing, but now I have something new and brilliant to help me while I’m writing. When I’m tippity-typing and describing all the sensual things happening to my character, I imagine everything that my heroine is feeling. Let’s be honest, it gets pretty hot.

The scissors slid against her skin and snipped the last bit of fabric. The corset fell away from her body. Her breasts sprang free, but he didn’t touch her, not with his flesh. Instead, Lennox dragged the cold metal over her chest, lingering over her nipples. They hardened as the sharp edge tickled her sensitive skin.

        – Excerpt from Confessions of a Sex Demon

Writing scenes like this just got hotter. To all my writer friends, you NEED this toy!

The Ruby Glow


Why is this way more exciting

than any other sex toy?


Because yours truly was one of the original sex testers. By the way, I’m trademarking “sex tester”. Before the Ruby Glow was complete, I got to see how it worked from the very beginning and let me tell you…IT WAS SUCCESSFUL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Now I know you’re wondering how many people I had to shag to get this esteemed position? I’m lucky enough to know the genius, sensual goddess behind the invention. But I’ll tell you a little about her later.

The Ruby Glow is special because it’s designed for “the seated lady”. For me, this means I can get the full experience while I’m writing a steamy love scene. That’s right…true method writing! After all, if a writer doesn’t come with her heroine, can she truly call herself an erotic romance author?

My Verdict

5 Saucy Sirens Review


Strong vibration, yummy fit, quiet durable. Everything you want in a sex toy. Especially the durable part ;)I came the very first time I used this toy. What else can I say? It works. I came the second time, I used it….and the third. I used it in every position you can imagine with equal success. Have I used it writing recently? Yes. Have a used it reading? Yes. Have I used it when I’m feeling frisky and the boyfriend is away? Yes. Sit on it or use it as a wand…there’s no wrong way to enjoy the Ruby Glow.

If you’re a writer of erotic romance novels, and most of my friends are, this toy is a must-have for your arsenal.

Now that you’re convinced, get it at these venues below. Note that I get no commission, I’m just spreading the word because this product is amazing and I think it’s inventor is a genius!

    Amazon UK            Bondara           Lovehoney


There’s two buttons to control not only the vibrations, but the area you want to vibrate. When I’m riding the Ruby Glow, I definitely want both for the full effect. Want to use it as a wand, I recommend only powering on the clitoral vibrations.

I’m so proud of my good friend, Tabitha Rayne, the inventor behind the brilliant idea. Not only is she the genius behind this sex toy, but she’s a fabulous author and artist with many saucy books beneath her belt and some incredibly sexy artwork that you can taste on her blog.

Check out her sexy reads available

from Beachwalk Press

(That’s right, we’re both Beachwalk Babes)

The Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy – dystopian erotic fantasy with an ending like no other
A Clockwork Butterfly
Taking Flight
The Meeting Point

About the inventor/ AKA the sexy wench behind the Ruby Glow


Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely, and kinky—not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance, and as long as there’s a love scene, she’ll explore any genre. She also loves to paint sensual nudes. Inventor of the Ruby Glow – pleasure for the seated lady sex toy made by Rocks Off

Jaye’s Parting Words…

Tabitha Rayne is the most charming and creative person you’ll ever meet and it’s no surprise that she was able to bring The Ruby Glow to life in such a successful way. It was such a gift to be in on such a sensual adventure. Thank, Tabitha! I’m super excited about the newest book I’m writing, but even more thrilled that I have the Ruby Glow to keep me company when my scene gets steamy. I can’t recommend this toy enough. Every writer, ever reader, every lady should have one!

Thanks for joining me, now go out and treat yourself…get glowing 😉


Halloween Blog Hop

Halloween Blog Hop

Beachwalk Press is sponsoring a grand prize giveaway which is: two $25 gift certificates to the winner’s choices of Amazon, B&N, or All Romance Ebooks. Leave a comment with your email address to be entered.

Costume how-to: Werewolf

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and every year I get all dolled up. And while most think Halloween is the occasion to get completely sexified, I love nothing better than being something scary. So here’s a Halloween how-to on my werewolf costume.


What you’ll need:

Latex werewolf snout and spirit glue
Brown and Black face make up
Brown hair color spray

To get my blonde hair lookin’ crazified, werewolf style, I use the color hairspray found in many Halloween stores. Tease, spray, repeat. And in the morning, expect to condition for a full twelve hours. 😉

The latex prosthetic is actually pretty easy to use. Some kits come with the spirit glue, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to purchase it separately. Take your time positioning the snout before you glue it on. What for it to fully dry before you put makeup on over it.

Next, use your brown and back makeup to darken up the face. I don’t have any particular artistic abilities so basically I just tried to make it look like I roll around in the dirt in my spare time.

Once you’ve got the makeup applied on your face and neck, you’re ready to pop on the fangs. Voila, you should be looking pretty wolfy.

So tell me, what is your go-to costume?



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