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Isle of Skye, Scotland…A Fairies Paradise

Sometimes I get the itch. The air blows over my skin, but it’s not fresh enough, it’s a breeze I’ve felt before. It’s time to get away.

Since the summer weather left me disenchanted with the concept of sweat, I decided to get away to some place a bit cooler, wetter. Someplace where I’d be able to smell the trees, feel the fog curling around me. There could be only one place for that-Scotland. But the great cities of Scotland wouldn’t be enough, I needed to visit the Isle of Skye, famed for its nature.

dunvegan caste

Have 4 Days to get away? Here’s some tips to see the Isle of Skye

Fly into Glasgow. If you arrive in the morning like I did, around 7:30AM, you have plenty of time to take the airport shuttle for seven pounds and end up at the Queen St Station. This is also where you’ll catch the scenic train ride to Mallaig. Buy the combo ticket which includes the ferry ride to Armadale on the Isle of Skye. Expect this journey to cost about 50 pounds and take 7 hours. I promise that every moment of it is so beautiful that’ll take your breath away. The train ride is so famously gorgeous, passing through glens and by lochs, it’s second only to the Trans Siberian railway in fame.

storr 2


Recognize this bridge? If you do it’s because it was featured in Harry Potter as the train to Hogwarts.


Once you get to Armadale, you can take a bus to Portree, or if you’re lucky like me, you can meet someone nice on the ferry and hitch a ride with them. If you’re on a budget, arrange to stay at the hostel in town center. The beds aren’t comfy by any means, but the showers are clean, it’s right in the center of Portree, and its a great way to meet fellow travelers. 18 Pounds a night. Be advised, B&Bs can also be as cheap as 38 pounds.


To get around the Isle of Skye, it’s very necessary to rent a car. I recommend doing so for two days. Expect to pay 38 pounds a day plus about 20 pounds for insurance. Just remember to keep to the left!

Day one: Drive north and plan on hiking to see the Man of Storr, Kilt Rock, the Fairy Glenn and the Quirang.



The hike up to the Man of Storr is somewhat steep and if it’s raining, expect it to be slippery. Wear good hiking shoes. It’s only about a forty minute hike, but it took me a lot longer because I took so many pictures. 🙂

kilt rock

Kilt Rock, pull off the highway about 10 minutes after The Man of Storr.

After that, hike the Quirang for more breathtaking views.


Day 2: Fairie Pools, Castle Dunvegan, Neist Point, Coral Beach

Get up bright and early to pack all this into a day. The highlight for me was the Fairie Pools and I spent about five hours there. If you’re a photographer, you might very well be there all day. Bring a tripod if you plan on shooting some major waterfall porn.

New Image2

Autumn at the Fairie Pools is awe-inspiring. The glenn was painted with one hundred shades of yellow and green, dotted with hints of purple heather beginning to blossom. The sound of rippling streams accompanies you as you venture across the highland trenches. I was there all by myself and it was easy to be transported to another age within the mystical highlands.

Fairy Pools

On the drive from the Fairie Pools up North to make the ring back to Portree, hit up Dunvegan Castle, pictured first on blog, as well as Neist Point and Coral Beach.

Coral Beach

Once at Coral Beach, enjoy a short climb up the hill for a great view on the crystalline waters. Keep your eyes out for seals and dolphins that come to play in this picturesque cove.

The Isle of Skye is an incredible escape that everyone should experience before they die. Scotland is rich in history and culture and the rocky mountains and green hills will capture the breath right from your lungs.


P.S. For my fellow FAs, I ended up flying UA EWR-GLA AND UA EDI-EWR on the return.

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Gods and Gladiators

gods and gladiators


When the Olympian Gods contest that the Romans aren’t nearly as mighty as they think they are, Ares, the God of War, is the first one to prove it by spending a month as a Roman. Ares arrives in Rome as a Gladiator, thrilled to have a human body in which to kick some ass. His first chance at Gladiator glory is to reenact the slaughter of the Sabines but when Ares spots a beautiful slave with eyes blazing with courage, he refuses to tear through the defenseless prisoners.

Eirana of the Gauls is only one of hundreds of women taken as slaves by the Romans. Weaponless and starved for days, she’s forced into the coliseum to be symbolically massacred. She’s seen the infamous Gladiators in action enough to know there will be no mercy. But then something incredible happens, one Gladiator chooses to protect the defenseless women. He claims to be a God, but he bleeds just like a human.

Eirana is the most incredible being Ares has ever seen. With only a month in the human realm, the God refuses to leave until knowing she is safe. But if he can conquer the Romans keeping her as a slave, will his heart still be able to let her go?

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