Halloween Blog Hop

Halloween Blog Hop

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Costume how-to: Werewolf

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and every year I get all dolled up. And while most think Halloween is the occasion to get completely sexified, I love nothing better than being something scary. So here’s a Halloween how-to on my werewolf costume.


What you’ll need:

Latex werewolf snout and spirit glue
Brown and Black face make up
Brown hair color spray

To get my blonde hair lookin’ crazified, werewolf style, I use the color hairspray found in many Halloween stores. Tease, spray, repeat. And in the morning, expect to condition for a full twelve hours. 😉

The latex prosthetic is actually pretty easy to use. Some kits come with the spirit glue, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to purchase it separately. Take your time positioning the snout before you glue it on. What for it to fully dry before you put makeup on over it.

Next, use your brown and back makeup to darken up the face. I don’t have any particular artistic abilities so basically I just tried to make it look like I roll around in the dirt in my spare time.

Once you’ve got the makeup applied on your face and neck, you’re ready to pop on the fangs. Voila, you should be looking pretty wolfy.

So tell me, what is your go-to costume?



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40 thoughts on “Halloween Blog Hop”

  1. That costume is sweet! Since I don’t celebrate I don’t have a go to costume but I do love a Swedish maid costume just for kicks 😉

  2. I don’t have a standard go-to costume but I love to make up clever costumes out of repurposed stuff from around the house. A tie for my favorite is when I turned my old prom dress & my daughters plastic tiara into a Miss America Costume and white maternity lounging pajamas, a broken halo & my kid’s fairy wings for a fallen angel when I was pregnant with #2.

  3. Your costume is amazing–Go to costume? A sheet! LOL! But, thanks–love Sci-fi and just one-clicked your new anthology!

  4. Love your costume. =) My go to costume is my minnie mouse costume,… it’s sweet but the dress shows my curves & my clevage a little lol. Last yr I was dressed up as Minnie & passing out candy at my aunts house,… it was cute seeing the kids getting excited at my costume & telling me I was pretty. =) I have nowhere to go this yr, so I probably wont be getting dressed up. =(

    Take care & I hope you have a great weekend!
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  5. That’s adorable Jaye! Honestly I suck with makeup, I can barely deal with mascara, and I ALWAYS have to wait last minute to do stuff, so I’ve gone as a zombie since high school. Slap on some white face paint, add a strangulation line across my neck and I’m good. Either that or hashmarks all over my face and arms which makes sense to Doctor Who fans and confuses everyone else lol

    1. Ha ha, Olivia. Don’t worry, a Zombie never fails. My family and I were zombie flight crew members one year and we all tore up our uniforms and had zombie passengers. In real life though, I plan on saving my passengers though…Not leaving them to die for the sake of a grim Halloween scene. 😉

  6. Wow, Jaye, impressive costuming skills!! I have to confess an utter lack of good costuming ability, so my go to (when my default “mean mommy” doesn’t cut it) is a witch–slap on that pointy hat and let’s go! (Although that Swiffer I’ve got isn’t quite as flight-worthy as the traditional broom!)

    fedora at gmail dot com

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