Got Jet Blast? Maho Beach, Baby!

Where do two aviation nerds go for a romantic getaway? I was thinking sand, sun, tropical waters, rum drinks and…the roar of jet engines. Where else could my love and end up besides Maho Beach, the famous beach in Sint Maarten where planes land right over a gorgeous stretch of beach. Nothing beats the way the ground shakes and your body bows against the sheer power of a 747 descending right on top of you. For my non-airline friends who aren’t sure what an epic sight that is-behold KLM and I on Maho during my last visit.


To get to SXM (Sint Maarten for you non-aviation readers) from where we live in the Bay Area, we took Delta SFO-JFK. I made homemade airplane cookies for the crew, but they got crushed before they made it to the plane, but the crew still had a great smile for my tragic cookies anyway. First class was empty since all the business travelers were home for the weekend and it became employee central. 🙂 Yipee for Nonrev victories!

Jet Blue and DL both do JFK-SXM, but we ended up taking DL to SXM and then all the way back home. BIG SHOUT OUT TO DL FOR SPOILING US ON OUR ROMANTIC GETAWAY.

We wanted to be right on Maho and the only hotel that could satisfy our inner aviation geek is the Sonesta Maho. There are many other hotels on Sint Maarten, but none of them actually sit on the famous Maho beach. So ask yourself, do you want to plane spot from your hotel room or would you rather get away from all the jets? Clearly, we chose to plan spot with all-inclusive drinks in hand and powdery sand at our feet.

Sonesta Maho Best Available Rate: $372

Sonesta Maho Crew Discount: $174

$174 for two guests, all-inclusive meals and alcoholic beverages is insanely cheap! This is a crew discount that I can get onboard with. I spotted the deal on ID90, then called the hotel to confirm and they booked the room for me. I ended up upgrading to an ocean view room for $200 which is still a steal in my opinion.

Below: View from our balcony at the Sonesta Maho


We could plane spot from our balcony, the pool and all the restaurants.


My Review of the Sonesta Maho Beach:

The positive: If you love planes, this is an unbeatable locations. You can see aircraft of all kinds coming in at all hours. You don’t hear them from the hotel rooms so you can still have peace and quiet when you want it. The hotel has tons of activities from Mixology to Dance to Water aerobics, whatever you can think of. My man and I ended up participating in the newlywed game and it was a hilariously good time. The pool is lovely and has a swim-up bar to get your all-inclusive fix of tropical drinks. There are four restaurants on the premises and three of them have stunning beach views. The rooms are nice and come with two bottles of booze and a fridge with mixers. The bathroom is stocked with sun block and big spray (which thank goodness I didn’t have to use) but it was a nice touch.

The Negative: Almost everyone that works here (with the exception of the entertainment crews) will treat you like crap. This hotel probably has the worse service I’ve ever experienced. From the check-in desk to the bar, not a smile to be seen in sight. Want a drink, prepare to be scorned. The food at all of the restaurants is…okay. I would never ever have any kind of special even here due to the quality of food and customer service. Also, no room service, no coffee in the lobby. Just basic hospitality things are missing. On my last day when a convention was being hosted, the hotel put out coffee. Guess the rest of the guests don’t matter.

Final Verdict: For me, the location on the beautiful Maho beach outweighs all the negatives. The beach has powdery sand and clear turquoise waters, and the fact that you can swim in them as KLM descends over…just amazing.


Besides the incredible moment when KLM descends over Maho, probably one of my favorite plane spotting moments was DHL, whom I will forever more call the Badasses of the Sky! Check out this pic I took below of them giving some of the beach goers a buzz cut.


Once you get outside the resort, the people of Sint Maarten are super friendly and will welcome you with open arms. We took a beautiful sailing excursion, but the snorkeling visibility was non existent due to the wind. We were there four days and it was definitely not enough! I can’t wait to go back and this time will try to make it to Anguilla!


Have you been to Sint Maarten? Worked it? Let me know what you thought and if you have any other tips because I’m looking forward to going back!

I’ll leave you with a photo of my expression when I get buzzed by a 787



Are You Glowing?

As my good friend Tabitha Rayne always says, It’s MASTERBATION MONDAY. Sounds like the only good thing about Mondays, right?

Let me tell you where I’m going with this…

So I’ve started writing again, and in the past, I’ve done many crazy things to get into the *cough* method of my writing, but now I have something new and brilliant to help me while I’m writing. When I’m tippity-typing and describing all the sensual things happening to my character, I imagine everything that my heroine is feeling. Let’s be honest, it gets pretty hot.

The scissors slid against her skin and snipped the last bit of fabric. The corset fell away from her body. Her breasts sprang free, but he didn’t touch her, not with his flesh. Instead, Lennox dragged the cold metal over her chest, lingering over her nipples. They hardened as the sharp edge tickled her sensitive skin.

        – Excerpt from Confessions of a Sex Demon

Writing scenes like this just got hotter. To all my writer friends, you NEED this toy!

The Ruby Glow


Why is this way more exciting

than any other sex toy?


Because yours truly was one of the original sex testers. By the way, I’m trademarking “sex tester”. Before the Ruby Glow was complete, I got to see how it worked from the very beginning and let me tell you…IT WAS SUCCESSFUL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Now I know you’re wondering how many people I had to shag to get this esteemed position? I’m lucky enough to know the genius, sensual goddess behind the invention. But I’ll tell you a little about her later.

The Ruby Glow is special because it’s designed for “the seated lady”. For me, this means I can get the full experience while I’m writing a steamy love scene. That’s right…true method writing! After all, if a writer doesn’t come with her heroine, can she truly call herself an erotic romance author?

My Verdict

5 Saucy Sirens Review


Strong vibration, yummy fit, quiet durable. Everything you want in a sex toy. Especially the durable part ;)I came the very first time I used this toy. What else can I say? It works. I came the second time, I used it….and the third. I used it in every position you can imagine with equal success. Have I used it writing recently? Yes. Have a used it reading? Yes. Have I used it when I’m feeling frisky and the boyfriend is away? Yes. Sit on it or use it as a wand…there’s no wrong way to enjoy the Ruby Glow.

If you’re a writer of erotic romance novels, and most of my friends are, this toy is a must-have for your arsenal.

Now that you’re convinced, get it at these venues below. Note that I get no commission, I’m just spreading the word because this product is amazing and I think it’s inventor is a genius!

    Amazon UK            Bondara           Lovehoney


There’s two buttons to control not only the vibrations, but the area you want to vibrate. When I’m riding the Ruby Glow, I definitely want both for the full effect. Want to use it as a wand, I recommend only powering on the clitoral vibrations.

I’m so proud of my good friend, Tabitha Rayne, the inventor behind the brilliant idea. Not only is she the genius behind this sex toy, but she’s a fabulous author and artist with many saucy books beneath her belt and some incredibly sexy artwork that you can taste on her blog.

Check out her sexy reads available

from Beachwalk Press

(That’s right, we’re both Beachwalk Babes)

The Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy – dystopian erotic fantasy with an ending like no other
A Clockwork Butterfly
Taking Flight
The Meeting Point

About the inventor/ AKA the sexy wench behind the Ruby Glow


Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely, and kinky—not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance, and as long as there’s a love scene, she’ll explore any genre. She also loves to paint sensual nudes. Inventor of the Ruby Glow – pleasure for the seated lady sex toy made by Rocks Off

Jaye’s Parting Words…

Tabitha Rayne is the most charming and creative person you’ll ever meet and it’s no surprise that she was able to bring The Ruby Glow to life in such a successful way. It was such a gift to be in on such a sensual adventure. Thank, Tabitha! I’m super excited about the newest book I’m writing, but even more thrilled that I have the Ruby Glow to keep me company when my scene gets steamy. I can’t recommend this toy enough. Every writer, ever reader, every lady should have one!

Thanks for joining me, now go out and treat yourself…get glowing 😉


Inflight Reading: Begun By Time by Morgan O’Neill

Flight Attendants are a hard working bunch, but at some point during a five hour plus flight, passengers have had their fill of peanuts. Despite an endless supply of magazines, nothing beats a good novel. My favorite genre of course is hands down, romance. Not surprising since I write about sex demons, but I digress. When I’m not fantasizing about immortals (shameless paranormal addict) I love history. I love history so much that I archaeology was my field of study in college. My point is that I love finding myself a great historical, a sweeping epic. Many authors have found themselves a great niche in the genre of historical, especially relating to time travel, Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series the most notable.

I’m here to tell you about Morgan O’Neill, the author you’re about to get addicted to. Get ready for a string of thrilling, sweeping epic tales. Begun By Time takes you to England and Morgan O’Neill makes sure you’ll never want to leave.

About the Book

In 1945, a man disappeared into thin air…

In the final days of World War II, Catherine Hastings meets the man she wants to marry. Flight surgeon Jonathan Brandon isn’t just handsome-he’s everything Catherine could hope for in her betrothed. But her dream of a happily ever after is shattered when Jonnie disappears shortly before their wedding…leaving Catherine bereft, broken-hearted, and with a lifetime of unanswered questions.

Arthur Howard is smitten with the lovely Catherine the moment he sees her. He’s certain he’s found the woman he wants to marry. Yet behind Catherine’s sparkling green eyes is a haunted look-the look of a woman who has known loss. But can he love a woman who still grieves the loss of her fiancé? Now Arthur wants answers about the man Catherine intended to marry.

But the truth about Jonnie’s disappearance is far stranger than fiction…

What reviewers are saying

“There are quite a few times in this story that I felt myself wanting to cry for Catherine, for me it was a very emotional story.”

From war-torn England, suffering under the onslaught of German bombers, to Elizabethan England, only a writer as talented as Morgan O’Neill (Deborah O’Neill Cordess/Cary Morgan Frates) could maintain a series as engrossing as their current Elizabethan time travel series.”

“I most highly recommend BEGUN BY TIME if only for the superlative writing and the nearly perfect historical accuracy.”

Now that you’re intrigued, check out this excerpt to get hooked…


Excerpt from Begun by Time, the Prequel to The Thornless Rose

In this scene, Catherine Hastings and Jonathan Brandon are out to celebrate a monumental day…

The next evening, deliriously exhausted, Catherine and Jonnie walked toward the Underground station to take the train to Piccadilly Circus. They wanted to be part of the official celebration of Victory in Europe Day, or as it was starting to be called, VE Day.

They’d gotten home just after midnight the night before and stayed up chatting with her parents until well past two. Catherine managed to sleep until ten, but, as her mother always said, “It’s the hours before midnight that count for sleep.” Although she’d meant it as a warning against high living, today Catherine believed every word. Her legs felt like noodles, and her brain seemed terribly unfocused. Plus, she wasn’t sure if her poor utility suit would ever be dry again.

“I’m as drained as I can be, but we shall remember these days forever, Jonnie.” Catherine looked up at him and grinned. “I’m so glad we’ve the good luck to share them together.”

Jonnie laughed. “And I shall never fully comprehend my good fortune in finding you.”

They arrived at Piccadilly Station. When they got to street level, they were swept into a huge crowd, everyone streaming toward the square. Jonnie held her hand and apologized to strangers as they pushed their way toward the center.

People danced, sang, and rejoiced as Jonnie stopped near a lamppost, then climbed it and pulled Catherine up beside him. With barely a toehold on its base, Catherine clung to Jonnie for support.

Suddenly, a huge roar lifted from the crowd, and they turned to see why. There, on a balcony overlooking the square, was the man of the hour and everyone’s hero—Winston Churchill. He raised his hand and waved to the crowd.

“Oh, Jonnie, there he is!” She pointed.

“Catherine!” Jonnie shouted to get her attention.

She could barely hear Jonnie over the din, but the intensity of his gaze abruptly claimed her full attention.

“Catherine, I love you! Will you marry me?”

The noise, the war news, the whole world fell away in that moment. She gazed at this man she loved, then tilted back her head and laughed for joy. “Well, of course I will! What took you so long?”

He laughed, too, and pulled her close. Their position on the pole was awkward and tenuous, but he managed to give her a quick kiss. As they clung to the pole and each other, they watched Churchill speak to the multitude, thrilled to be witnesses to history.

8 May 1945. VE Day.

And her engagement day!

Catherine glanced up at Jonnie, overcome with joy.


About the Author

Two authors writing as one, Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O’Neill Cordes specialize in recreating pivotal moments in history, epic adventure, and romance—with a time travel twist.

Begun By Time is a prequel to The Thornless Rose, a must-add to your reading list!

About the Book:

No one ever knew what really happened to Dr. Jonathan Brandon back in 1945. He simply disappeared from a London pub, leaving behind an unsolved mystery and his fiancée—Anne Howard’s grandmother. Seventy years later, Anne herself is haunted by the strange tale, along with inexplicable hallucinations straight out of Elizabethan England. Including a scarred, handsome man whose deep blue eyes seem to touch her very soul….

Anne wonders if there isn’t something more to the story. Is it even possible that Jonathan disappeared into England’s dark past? And why does Anne keep hearing him whisper her name? Because now she too feels the inexorable pull of the past, not to mention an undeniable attraction for a man she doesn’t even know.

It’s just a matter of time before Anne will step back into history, and face a destiny―and a love―beyond imagining…

Excited about this release? So am I! Order your copy here!






XOXO  Jaye

Review: Catch You for Christmas

Catch You For Christmas by Susan Arden



Playing ball as a tight end for the Dallas Devils has Brett Gold scrambling on the field. But when the action really gets going, the Astroturf is nowhere to be seen. A Texas wildcat has this baller on his toes.
Cory can’t believe her eyes. There just aren’t enough dammits for this one! Paris is the perfect town, except she’s supposed to be on her way to the airport, not neck deep in trouble from a tech glitch. But when she’s caught four thousand miles away from Texas in a blistering mess, she can’t just get up and leave!
Brett isn’t about to lose his cool. He’s fully aware of what he signed up for with Cory when he made the best catch of his life in snagging her as his fiancée. But something’s got to give, and he’s come up with a plan. One that will motivate his spitfire to do what she says, when she says it.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP! It’s time to lay down the law and Brett hightails it across the Atlantic. When he gets ahold of her, it’s about to get hotter than hell in Paris this Christmas!

Warning: gorgeous NFL baller connects with Texas Wildcat. Sparks. Smoke. And lots and lots of HOLIDAY FIRE.


I read this sexy novella on a flight to Mexico and finished it just in time to land. Let me just say that steam was coming off my kindle and I’m pretty sure I’m a part of the mile high club now. If you like a dominant male, you’ll definitely like this bad boy, NFL star. Spank much? If someone got a hold of a private jet to come see me in Paris, I’d let him do naughty things to me too. Five stars goes to Arden for taking a couple that’s already in love, but making readers fall in love-and lust-with the couple fast. Although it’s a quick read, I wasn’t left wanting. This is a sexy holiday steal for .99!


Want to read out more from Susan Arden, check her out!

Twitter: @romancebysusan

Review: Dragon Heart

Fans of Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kenyon rejoice, you have Susan Arden for your next steamy paranormal fix!



Leopardess Shay Barclay has a choice: go along with her family’s political plan to marry her to a ruthless shifter older than her grandfather or categorically claim her life and sensual nature as hers to rule.

She wastes no time in choosing freedom, but in her haste to establish her own boundaries, she just may have trusted her heart to the wrong man–a dragon shifter who’s too dangerous to resist . . .

Former Navy SEAL Drake O’Connor personally guaranteed he’d protect his buddy’s daughter to the death. But when his explosive chemistry with Shay finally boils over and they end up in bed, her family’s political enemies are the least of their problems.
Because although Shay doesn’t know it, she’s crossed a line with Drake that will alter their future for an eternity . . .

Sensuality Level: Sensual


Anyone who has read my books knows I like things very, very sexy. I mean…I write about Sex Demons. Susan Arden did not disappoint me. In Dragon Heart, Shay and Drake’s chemistry melts right off the page. I’m a sucker for an alpha male, and Drake didn’t leave me wanting. As a matter of fact, if Shay wasn’t such a kickass leopardess, I might feel bold enough to try to steal him away. I love the witty way Arden weaves dialogue into her sexy paranormal and reminds me a great deal of other talents such as Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kenyon-two of my favs.

Bottom Line: If you want plenty of steamy sex scenes and an action-packed paranormal, start with Dragon Heart and get sucked into her Rocky Mountain Shifter series. I know I’m dying to read Collared for a Night!


Rocky Mountain Shifter series is erotic romance. The stories have explicit adult content. The first book concerns the romance between leopard shifters focusing on a young graphic artist and her boss. Hot, fast, and driven, this suspense story moves rapidly from a private shifter sex club, the Downtown Den (in LoDo, Denver) to the a penthouse loft in Vegas. Make no mistake, this isn’t the usual shifter romance. Leopards are primary to the story, but there are also ex-military wolf shifters and a pack of rogue bears.

Thank you for taking this journey into the world of paranormal romance. Buckle up though, this ride is rocking and rolling through the Rocky Mountains during the full moon.

Rocky Mountain Shifter series
COLLARED FOR A NIGHT (Book 1) Welcome to the Downtown Den.

BLOOD BROTHERS – (Book 2) Marine wolf shifters and an empath vampire romance. GLBT Erotica.

HER LYCAN LOVER- (Wolf & Witch Book 3) Sherry and Quinn from Books 1 & 2 have their own story. Spell caster, wolf shifter, and Dark Fae. Released Oct 22 – Best Seller Time Traveler

ALPHA SPEED DATING (BBW~Book 4) – When a rich playboy’s out of control life causes a reporter to get fired for doing her job. Their meeting at the Den is about to get crazy-hot fast.   Fun and flirty novella.

DRAGON HEART (Book 5) is coming later in 2014.
Shay Barclay, twin sister to Shawn, was given a choice: spend the night with man old enough to be her grandfather or one night with a dragon. Mmm-K.
Guess which one she picked…
Drake O’Connor, Navy SEAL walked away from his draconian family, but he isn’t about to walk away from Shay. Ever. Not even when she disappears and is on the run.
Super hot paranormal romance.

About the Author

Susan Arden lives in Tennessee with her husband, cattle dogs, cats, corn snake, and a gecko. A mother, lover of gardening, and stained-glass projects.

Learn more about her at, on Twitter @romancebysusan, and on Facebook at

Halloween Blog Hop

Halloween Blog Hop

Beachwalk Press is sponsoring a grand prize giveaway which is: two $25 gift certificates to the winner’s choices of Amazon, B&N, or All Romance Ebooks. Leave a comment with your email address to be entered.

Costume how-to: Werewolf

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and every year I get all dolled up. And while most think Halloween is the occasion to get completely sexified, I love nothing better than being something scary. So here’s a Halloween how-to on my werewolf costume.


What you’ll need:

Latex werewolf snout and spirit glue
Brown and Black face make up
Brown hair color spray

To get my blonde hair lookin’ crazified, werewolf style, I use the color hairspray found in many Halloween stores. Tease, spray, repeat. And in the morning, expect to condition for a full twelve hours. 😉

The latex prosthetic is actually pretty easy to use. Some kits come with the spirit glue, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to purchase it separately. Take your time positioning the snout before you glue it on. What for it to fully dry before you put makeup on over it.

Next, use your brown and back makeup to darken up the face. I don’t have any particular artistic abilities so basically I just tried to make it look like I roll around in the dirt in my spare time.

Once you’ve got the makeup applied on your face and neck, you’re ready to pop on the fangs. Voila, you should be looking pretty wolfy.

So tell me, what is your go-to costume?



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30 Hours in Bermuda – Got Paradise?

After jumping on Virgin America and being treated like a rock star for five hours from LAX to JFK, I used a ZED to get on the almost completely empty flight from JFK – BDA. For those of you who don’t speak airline, that’s Bermuda. For those of you who do ZED, I paid $30 plus an obscene amount of taxes (about $75), but it was all worth is to spend 30 hours in paradise.

Hands down the beaches were far more intoxicating in beauty and comfort than those I’ve been to in Hawaii and Mexico. At first glance, the pink sand beach at Horse Shoe Bay doesn’t seem all that impressive. Upon arrival, the sand merely seemed so blindingly white that it cast a peachy glow. As I strolled and the sun began to set, the sand glowed a deeper shade of pink, matching the sherbert sunset sky. The calm turquoise water stretched out into the horizon, ten different shades of blue and crystal clear enough to only be found in paradise. As I stepped through powder sand and the warm bathwater that is the Bermuda beach, I was intoxicated by the beauty of the pastel technicolor dream scape.


I think what I love most about the majority of Bermuda beaches is that they aren’t overcrowded. Near the entrance of Horse shoe Bay there are some volleyball nets if you want to get active, but if not, simply stroll along the beach and navigate giant limestone sculptures to find your own secluded stretch of sand. Keep walking and you’ll even encounter other beaches like Elbow Beach or Church’s Bay which are known for their snorkeling reefs. Or, if you don’t feel like snorkeling, rent a kayak. Even beginners can easily navigate the calm waters of Bermuda. If you can, rent a glass bottom kayak. The water is so crystal clear that you don’t need a mask and fins to see exotic fish in blindingly bright colors.

Limestone hideaway kayak

The people of Bermuda humbled me with their incredible kindness and welcoming smiles. I’ve never felt more welcomed anywhere. My first night, Troy, a bellhop who apparently is off duty when the moment strikes, convinced me and my partner to join him at the local hot spot, the Swizzle Inn for a taste of Bermuda’s national drink, the Dark and Stormy. How could we say no to that? The bar stayed open late just for us and I finally got to taste the Bermuda concoction of ginger beer and black rum. Let me tell you, it was so refreshing! The Dark and Stormy was a perfect way to end my first night in Bermuda listening to the charming and comical tales of a local.

Speaking of dark and stormy, for those of you who want a different kind of thrill, instead of swimming in the bright beach waters, opt for a cave swim. Bermuda has more caves per square mile than anywhere in the world!

cavecave swim

The limestone formations create eerie yet beautiful sculptures that drip from the ceiling into a crystal clear pool. I had this cave all to myself and it was both peaceful and chilling to dive in. Many cultures believe cenotes or caves are pathways to the underworld. If I dived in, would a mermaid grab hold of me and take me to another world? I dove in to find out, but I only found soft waters that left my skin feeling silky smooth once I got out.

Looking for a place to stay in Bermuda? I wholeheartedly recommend the Grotto Bay Resort which also has an all-inclusive option. The resort has a beautiful pool with a swim up bar, perfect for having fun island drinks. Just a few steps from the pool is a private beach. A friendly staff member will be standing by to put an umbrella wherever you wish. Gaze at the crystal clear turquoise waters and you may even spot the outline of the sunken ships.

Note to crewmembers: we do get a discount at this hotel and also at the kayak rental place on the beach.

grotto bay

In 30 Hours I swam in a pool, in a cave, in a bay, in a beach, ate delicious fresh caught Mahi Mahi, drank a Dark and Stormy with a local, kayaked a nature preserve, visited Hamilton’s street fair, bused around town with the locals, witnessed a street brawl, chilled in a bar to listen to local music, and had a security guard carve me up some fresh aloe. Bermuda is full of unexpected surprises.

What can you do in 30 Hours?


Jaye does Bermuda